Performance Racing Industry 2012

Performance Racing Industry 2012

Another nail in the coffin… Guess what! This is the last Performance Racing Industry in Orlando, 2013 will be hosted in Indianapolis! The City of Orlando has successfully driven away all racing industry business, Read… RACE ROCK, Central Florida Racing Complex, Orlando Speed World, who will be next. Maybe is me, or are these posible signs that our well is running dry? The PRI Show this year is not as busy as previous years, show operators made a great effort in providing a bigger car show and rest areas (pun)… We were all day walking, taking names and making deals. The PRI is the place to prepare for next year business. Here are some short videos and Photos.

More PRI 2012 Photos click here


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Luis started his career as a videographer at 17 for local TV station in the Caribbean. Always fascinated by photography switched to pro-photo with the introduction of digital cameras. He can be found at racing tracks around USA waiting for that elusive action shot.

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